What Format Are the Texts In?

The texts available on this site have sometimes been divided into segments, depending on the size of the text. Usually (unless the whole text is particularly large) complete versions are available in addition to these segments. All downloadable files are linked to in brackets next to the text or segment title, where their size in kilobytes is also noted. The files are in Portable Document Format (PDF). Depending on your browser, the link may open the file directly, or offer to save it to your hard drive; right clicking on the link should give you a range of options.

To read any of the texts on your computer, you need a web browser that supports PDF, or another PDF reader, such as Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader. If neither of these is to your taste, there are countless others out there — try a search for them on Google.

Other Formats

The texts can easily be read on an iPad. Most other electronic readers also support PDFs. Why don’t we create and make available other versions, e.g. in MS Word? Because that would be too much work. We simply don’t have the time.

Why don’t we supply versions of the texts in single- as well as double-page format? Same answer.

Why don’t we provide more details about how to get the texts onto electronic readers? Same answer again.

But Google should give you some help, and Dinette Boer has kindly made available her helpful report on her experience of reading the texts on Kindle.

The website provides free software that helps to turn PDF files into files that can be read on some electronic readers. James Martin has written up his account of using Calibre for this purpose.